Recommendations from Suraibun

A good friend of mine told me about these guys, this guy…not totally sure. Maybe it’s even a girl. Give this track and listen and try to tell me you weren’t downloading the album before the end of it.

A blog about Vancouver is in the works.



Girl Talk is Awesome

Somehow, I’m about 3 days late getting this new album.  I didn’t even know it existed but you can download it for free at the website linked to the picture.

Enjoy, it’s EPIC and I’m only on the 2nd track.


More music posts

Because I’m too lazy to actually write something substantial, here’s some music that I’ve recently “acquired.”  And by lazy I mean, working every single friggin day.

The Kooks – Naive from the album Inside In, Inside Out.

Yeasayer – Ambling Alps from the album Odd Blood.  Easily one of the weirder videos I’ve seen lately.

And switching gears a little bit.  A new Lupe Fiasco single. The Show Must Go On.

K, did that sound a little bit familiar to anyone else?? Ya, listen to this now.

And last but not least, Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce.  What are the lyrics you ask?? Barbra Streisand…over and over and over.  It’s still awesome.  CBC tell me you’ve heard this one.


That’s all for now.



One Cover Letter to Rule Them All

I’ve written a lot of cover letters lately. And by written, I mean, asked Mo’s super smart father to give me a rough idea of what I should write, then pretty much copied and pasted that, augmenting it roughly for each company I apply to. The whole idea of writing a cover letter to “draw a potential employer in” makes very little sense to me, given that cover letters are generally pretty uniform.

Well, hello there, “potential employer” I’d like to apply to “position that I am probably way under qualified for” that i heard about through “” I’m Brent, let me give you a rough idea of some of the skills I possess that I have fluffed up a little bit here. Now through the next paragraphs I’ll tell you the random reason I’m interested in your company and how I’d be awesome for you to hire, because not hiring me would be ridiculous.

Now watch me go through my latest jobs and experiences somehow trying to tie them into the things you do or could possibly want me to do. You could easily turn this sheet over and check out my resume and learn almost all of these things for yourself, but let me spell them out for you using different words, so that my resume seems fresh and new when you read it.

Also, did you know I’m highly adaptable? Oh, my intelligence, it’s great. I’m also, outgoing and personable. Oh, and the boxers I’m wearing while I write this, they’re green. Alright, well, that’s all I’ve got for you now and I don’t want to write too much because then you might disregard my resume completely. I look forward to hearing from you, because I assume that after reading this cover letter you’re jumping at the chance to hire me without even having perused my resume



All of this is total bullshit. Even interviews are stupid. I went into an interview at a shoe store and the girl had set questions she had to ask me. “When’s the last time you went above and beyond in a customer service role?” Um, look down at my resume, I taught in Japan for 4 years and before that worked in a steel factory for 6. What exactly are you looking for with that question. I’ve brought these grievances to my Mom’s attention and she told me, “They just want to see how well you can play the game.” And this is my issue. What game?? Real people aren’t like that. Can’t we all just act like normal regular everyday people in an attempt to suss out if I am regular and normal and that I have the capacity to work the position I am interviewing for?

The interviewer at the shoe store I was at, after I told her that I had been offered a full-time job with the cell phone company started to get real with me and told me herself that the questions were stupid. Now granted, this isn’t at a job in an office or anything, but let’s be serious, they’d ask those same random questions to. Along with, “What is your biggest flaw?” Can’t I just sit down and be real with someone? Obviously I have flaws, obviously the person interviewing me has flaws, like let’s be serious.

For once I’d like to just send a cover letter that is honest and highlights both what I’m good at and things that I suck at equally. I wish I could write one that allows me to acknowledge the gaping holes in my resume, you know, like the lack of any kind of administrative/sales/real life experience. A lot of the jobs I’ve been applying to are with NGOs and Not-for-profit organizations and they are EXACTLY what I’d like to do and honestly, I don’t possess a ton of the skills they want, but I do have drive and c’mon now, as if I couldn’t get the hang of a job if you threw me in there. Trying to explain this in a round about way that doesn’t allow me to even touch on the things I’m shit at probably makes these guys laugh out loud when they read my cover letter.

I’d just like to send a cover letter that reads like something I’d actually write, with not as much fluff and more truth than half truth. Something like….this….

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m applying for the blankity blank blank position. I am genuinely interested in this position and working for a company such as yours. Even though my degree is in history and that has nothing to do with international development or relations.

I have studied a plethora of subjects at university, but let’s face it, that was 4 years ago and who was sober enough to remember everything they actually studied in University the moment they graduated, let alone 4 years down the road. I think if I was thrown into a situation where the knowledge I attained was actually needed, I’d re-learn it pretty quickly. As well, let’s face it, I have a University degree so that does say something about my intellectual abilities. I do realize that a lot of idiots do graduate from University with degrees, but the fact that I am able to realize that there are idiots with degrees should say that my intelligence is at least decent, or that I’m a pompous asshole. You decide.

In addition to my potentially greater than average intelligence, I have spent the last 4 years working as an Assistant Language Teacher for the Japanese government. Ya, that’s right, I lived in Japan, how cool is that? Now, granted, teaching English doesn’t really fall into any kind of category that gives me skills to say, help with a community development program in Bangladesh but it did make me realize that there is an international community that I’d like to be a part of and help out. I went to Japan, speaking zero Japanese, never having taught a thing in my life and in the end stayed 4 years and I left on my own, not because I was fired. So, hey, that’s pretty awesome isn’t it?

As far as the other positions on my resume, well, they were all before I had a degree. As much as I could have worked an admin position for minimum wage, that would have given me better experience with which to obtain a sweet job such as the position I am currently applying for, I chose the money. Steel factory money is WAY better than being a receptionist or lackey or even a waiter. So yes, I can see how you look at those 6 years and think, hmmm, steel factory? Really? But know that had I had the opportunity to score a sweet job with you guys that would have paid me more, I would have taken it.

Hopefully this letter along with my resume will interest you enough in me that you will give me a call and give me an interview. If not, that’s cool. But at least have the courtesy to send me an email that says something along the lines of, “Please fuck off.”



New Tellison Song!! YES!

MMMM, Tellison, I friggin love this band. If you have no clue who they are, check the first two vids. If you do know who they are and have heard their stuff, just check the last one, because that’s the new song. Or watch them all because you’re OCD and have to play every video on the screen. I’m jealous of anyone in the U.K because they play all over, over there.

Gallery (1st Single)

Wasp’s Nest – 2nd Single

Collarbone – New Single

Well, I liked it and will be buying it when i get that chance, for now, off to work.  Also, if you’re not hooked on this band now, get yourself checked out.

Re-tales – This job is interesting…sometimes

I have recently been working as a “sales associate” for a cell phone company. Now this doesn’t sound like that bad of a gig for a “right back into the country and not really sure what I’m doing or where I’m going” type job. But this job has been interesting and soul sucking all at the same time. As I sit here typing this, I’m drinking a six dollar bottle of wine in hopes of washing the weird and strange memories of the day away.

All of this began about a month ago when Mo and I finally settled in Ottawa. First things first…a cell phone. We went into a kiosk at a pharmacy/drug store and that in and of itself seemed weird. A cellphone kiosk in a drug store. Granted, Drug stores have become more than just, hey get your medicine and/or condoms here type places. There’s a small grocery section and an electronics section where you can buy cameras and oddly enough a cell phone kiosk. To be fair, I’ve seen other kiosks in video stores too. That’s just as weird if not weirder.

While purchasing our lovely little devices that would connect us to the rest of the world, I began chatting with the sales associate’s boss. It’s not a stretch for me to be doing that as I’ll pretty much talk to anyone who will listen. Mo and I were both being our jovial, amazing selves and this woman was hooked. After about 5 minutes, I just threw down on her, “Hey, you guys hiring?” Next thing I knew, BAM, interview scheduled, business cards obtained, emails given out. That was weird? I hadn’t even heard back from my attempt to be a sales associate at the Sunglass Hut, which I would have been perfect for. My god, how ridiculous is that title? Sales associate makes me think of a guy in a pin-striped suit with slicked back hair in an office acting all sorts of douchey and making a crap ton of money while exploiting the child workforces in Asia, not of the pimply faced kid trying to sell me a hundred dollar pair of sunglasses, but I digress.

The interview for our (yes, mo and I both had interviews set up at the same time, for the same job) job went like this.

Me: Hey how’s it going?

Mo: Hi

Boss lady: Hi

Me: So who do you want to talk to first?

Boss lady: Actually, I’ve decided you’re both hired, so I’ll tell you what the job is and you can tell me if you’re interested.

That’s actually how it went, now a month and a half later, I’ve been given a full-time position at one store, opposed to bouncing around from store to store throughout the region like Mo is still doing.

Now don’t get me wrong, the job is cool, the boss lady is cool and I genuinely like it sometimes, because I have been priding myself of not pressuring anyone to do anything. We get told here and there that would should be trying to “close sales” and use “closing techniques.” Um, my view on that? If someone really wants the fucking phone, they’ll buy it. Otherwise, I’m not pushing anything. I provide information and the service for someone to purchase something, not because I’ve manipulated them into thinking they need it, but because they actually want it given all the facts.

This has been quite a learning curve for me seeing as a month ago, I wasn’t even sure what phone I was buying or why and I really didn’t care. Now I can debate the intricacies of the Android, Blackberry and iPhone operating systems at length. I talked to a woman earlier today for 2 hours about 2 phones out of the 18 or so that exist in my realm of expertise (I only learn the phones that are at my kiosk, god, I work at a FUCKING KIOSK).

At the beginning, and I guess technically I still am at the “beginning” of this job, it was fun and exciting and new and I was stoked to be learning and communicating on a regular basis in English. The job is pretty much talking to random strangers and that is my forte. Granted, I’d be better with a few drinks in me, but I still get by alright without them. Speaking of, bottle of wine number 1…DOWN! Bring on bottle number 2. Had it been a 10 dollar bottle, I’d be out. Thank you friend that works for a wine company that led me to this.

Over time though, standing near or around a kiosk all day at a store that has me located next to or near NO ONE that works at the store is a bit soul crushing. It’s a pharmacy, 90% of the people that are in there aren’t there to look at cell phones, that’s for sure. Working 12 – 8 on weekdays or 10 – 6 on weekends guarantees that the first half of each shift will be filled with old people who will ask me questions about where they can find Epson salts. You should see the looks I get when I have to tell them I’m not too sure because I just work for the cell phone company. YIKES!

All this free time does leave me time to randomly judge people that avert their eyes when they see me because they think, oh, he’s gonna jump out at me and try to sell me something, which is pretty much the opposite of what I’m doing. I’m just the bored guy that needs to talk to someone every once in a while or a will EXPLODE! The quiet times are the soul sucking times. It’s horrible. I have to stand at all times and I pretty much have a 15 or maybe 20 foot radius around the KIOSK (ha jeez) that I feel comfortable moving into. I have dubbed this area, “the boredom zone.” When I roam into the magazine section that is adjacent to my kiosk, I have hit an all time low on the day.

What makes all of this worse is that I cannot have drinks on the floor, because it’s unprofessional…um, so that means, no coffee, because the zombie like old people…yes, a lot of them are zombie like…may be offended. YEEAAAAaaaahhh, I get that (where’s the sarcastica font?). But back to judging people, what has blown my mind the most thus far has been:

1) The sheer volume of people with permanent bitch face. You know, they just looked pissed, and it’s not because they are pissed off, it’s just because that’s the way their face is, but 9 times outta 10, they’re bitches when you talk to them.

2) The senior citizens that look like zombies. Honestly, I had an old dude walk up towards my kiosk and start looking at a poster for a phone, he stared at it for a good 20 seconds and then I said, “Would you like to see that phone sir? I have a live demo here.” I bring the phone over, open it up and hand it to him. He still hasn’t said a word. I tell him he can scroll through the options if he wants, he pushes one button, puts it down on the counter in front of him and walks away. Not saying a word. Uhh…alright.

3) Mafackin BRATTY kids. The other day, a girl comes in with her mom. She’s 13. She broke her iphone 3. It’s still under warranty and could probably be fixed for free, neither of them seem to care about that, but their looking for a loaner phone for her. So I walk them through a few. All the phones less than $200 apparently…SUCK and are RIP OFFS, according to the 13 year old. She bitches and whines and her mom is like well, I don’t know what you want, you broke your phone? Just when I think, ok, they’re leaving for sure and this girl is going to be smart and get her iphone fixed, BAM, they buy the most expensive smartphone I have…UHHHH, WTF?? I had randomly said, “I have this and it could be a replacement full out I guess.” I was just letting them know it was an option. And the mom was just like, FINE and took it. You have GOT TO BE FUCKIN KIDDING ME.

Now as much as I dislike the sheer boredom and everything that goes along with working retail as a “sales associate.” Here is what I have come to love…the HIGH of a sale. Now, maybe it’s still because this is a new feeling, but my heart starts beating as soon as I know it’s gonna happen. Maybe that because I realize I’m going to have to go through an intense computer program that could potentially crap out on me at any minute and leave my high and dry or maybe it’s cuz I’m fuckin STOKED. Getting a sale keeps me happy and mafacking 元気 (genki) for at least 3 hours. I’m so happy afterwards. Granted, I haven’t made a sale in 5 consecutive shifts now, but it’s gonna happen soon!!!! That’s pretty much all I like, and the fact that I’m smarter than pretty much everyone else that does this job. Mo and I recommend stuff to our boss all the time and she’s like, HOLY SHIT that’s a good idea. The fact that some people can’t open and close the store, very simple things and fill out minimal paperwork as daily tasks BLOWS MY MIND. So I do enjoy thoroughly when the boss lady’s assistant, who is a jackass, tries to tell me how awesome he is because he’s 22 and had more jobs than years I’ve been alive and how he worked for a law firm….um….you’re an idiot. Moving on.

The other things I enjoy are just the sheer randomness of working in a pharmacy/store in general because of the oddness and craziness that can happen. People generally suck, that much is true and they’re generally assholes too, that also sucks. But every once in awhile shit is just FUNNY. The old woman that needs people to check in the back to see if they have any more paper towels on sale, because the 22 packs of 6 that she has aren’t enough.

Or the people that ask the stupidest questions. It’s 4:30pm on Halloween. A woman walks up to me and asks, is the Halloween candy on sale yet…hmmm, do you see the billions of people running in last minute to buy candy right now? Cuz I do, and somehow I feel like 2 hours before Halloween actually goes down no one is reducing prices. It’s fuckin candy!!! It’s gonna sell regardless.

Working sales, or even in any kind of customer service role does give you a glimpse into random people’s everyday lives and that I like. Today, I had 2 guys stop DIRECTLY BESIDE ME. I was standing at my computer minding my own business. And all of sudden this guy starts talking about how he’s just broken up with his fiancée and she moved out this week and that the wedding was supposed to be getting married this Friday. These guys were so close to me that I could have reached out and touched them, but this one dude felt that it was the perfect time to discuss how much “Cheryl was a bitch” and how much her parents now, “hated him.” The stood there for 20 minutes. At one point I felt uncomfortable and left to smoke and I came back and they still continued to stand there and discuss Cheryl the bitch. It was if I didn’t even exist to these guys and I probably didn’t. They saw me but just didn’t care.

So far, I’m not quite sure where I stand on this job, some days, all day I think, I need a new job NOW and other days I think well, this isn’t too bad. At the end of the day, it’s paying the bills and that’s all that matters at this point. Well, Mo has been talking to me non-stop for the last 2 paragraphs, so I should probably go.

I hope you’ve been Brentertained. I still have wine left.