Music I have that you should have too…(part 1)

…but I knew about it first because I am far more of an indie hipster than you are.

Long title, I know.  After having a discussion with one friend in particular we both decided that at some point we should both sit down and share the music that we have, that we feel the other doesn’t know about.  Now I know that I have the time to do this, I also know that there’s no way in hell he’ll do it.  I doubt he’ll even end up getting through this list, but I’m just going to throw it up here anyway.  Each band will hopefully get a youtube link under it so that their music may be sampled before it is acquired.  This is not going to be in any particular order and genres are going to be all over the place.  Keep in mind that I’ll probably put the best song up here, so, the whole album may not be amazing, but whatevs.  DEAL WITH IT!!!

Obviously I have probably put up a few of these things before, but, once again…DEAL WITH IT!  K, here we go, enjoy Steve.

Because of the massive amount of youtube video links I put on here and some slow load speeds I’ve heard about, I’m going to cut this here and you can click the read more button if you’re looking to listen to some groovy tunes.

Matt and Kim – Sidewalks

This is pretty up beat stuff for the most part, I dunno, I never really know how to describe music.  Just listen to it.


I also came across this while looking for them on youtube, it’s from their older album Grand, but it seems pretty catchy.


Girl Talk – All Day, Feed the Animals

Wicked mash ups.  I posted just awhile back about their newest album All Day.  You know when you have people over and you want something to listen to before you go out, well, this is what I always throw on, because everyone always likes at least a bit of it.

Here’s a random track that I found quickly from Feed the Animals

The Kooks – Inside In/Inside Out

Can you tell I’m currently going through my music in order of most recently added?  I also posted these guys.


Ooh La – This is a vevo link, so I don’t know if it’ll work everywhere.

Yeasayer – Odd Blood

These guys are strange, and the video is even stranger, but I like ‘em.

Ambling Alp

Duck Sauce

No clue what the album is for these guys, but this song is just awesome if you ask me.  Although, this video has a lot of background noises going on, which I think makes it better than the track that I actually have.

Barbara Streisand

Johnny Foreigner – Grace and the Bigger Picture, Waited Up Til It Was Light

I definitely liked Waited Up Til It Was Light better out of the two albums, but that’s probably because it was the first album I heard and you know what that’s like, the second just never follows up as well.  I’ve definitely described this as music bordering at just pure noise at some points.  You gotta hand it to them that their videos are pretty creative.  Here’s music from both, starting with Waited up…

Salt, Peppa and Spinderella – Waited Up Til It Was Light

Eyes Wide Terrified – Waited Up Til It Was Light

Criminals – Grace and the Bigger Picture

Ok, this part of my playlist, in iTunes at least is just albums from major bands, so I’m just going to list them, not that they’re that amazing, cuz like I said earlier about the 2nd and 3rd album, well, Weezer – Hurley is pushing my Weezer intake I think.  I also have Lil Wayne – I’m Not a Human Being

Paper Lions – Trophies EP, Paper Lions

I enjoy both of these albums, but that being said, the latest one is just an EP.  Check it, an east coast Canadian Band that isn’t that popular.  They used to be called Chucky Danger, but for some reason switched.

Travelling – Paper Lions

Don’t Touch That Dial – Trophies

Lost the War – Trophies

Tellison – Collarbone EP, Wasp’s Nest (Single), Contact! Contact!

If you have ever had me play music around you, you have heard these guys, although I was a little underwhelmed by the latest EP, other than the title track.  Check it.


Wasp’s Nest


Hanover Start Clapping

Fang Island – Fang Island

These guys are pretty good.  A lot like Phoenix where it’s up beat and up tempo…are those the same things?? With indie elements.  Me likey.  Apparently my iTunes has them labelled as math rock…maybe skip the first minute or so as that’s not part of the actual song.


Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. – 131

Honestly, when I first heard of these guys awhile back, I just couldn’t get rid of the one song I had because their name is so epic.  But then I stumbled across this album.  It’s um, I wanna say jazzy techno…but I mean, maybe it’s neither jazzy or techno-y?  LOL

Collapsing Cities

Update: I totally forgot this song that I got from a random Indie playlist that is amazing

Waiting for the Monster to Drown

Hayden – The Place Where We Lived, In Field and Town, Skyscraper National Park, Elk-Lake Serenade, Everything I Long For

As you can probably tell I am a HUGE Hayden fan and I have been since his very first album.  He’s a Canadian fold singer and his music ranges from mellow to intense.  A lot of the songs are based on true stories and are epically sad.  I’ll throw up just a few here.  My favourite albums are the last 3 I listed above, because they were the first 3 I heard.

Bad As They Seem – Everything I Long For

Dynamite Walls – Skyscraper National Park

Trees Lounge – Trees Lounge Soundtrack

In Field and Town – In Field and Town

A lot of his videos aren’t on youtube and they’re up here instead.

The Drums – The Drums

I’m not a huge fan of this entire album, but I do like this one song, so here it is.

Let’s Go Surfing

Wintersleep – New Inheritors, Welcome to the Night Sky

This is a pretty wicked band…god, can you tell that it’s getting late and I just can’t come up with things to write for each band after blowing my wad on Tellison and Hayden…yes, more than 3 sentences is “blowing my wad.”  I liked Welcome to the Night Sky a lot more than the newest album, but to be fair I haven’t given it as much of a listening to as I probably should.

Archaeologists – Welcome to the Night Sky

Oblivion – Welcome to the Night Sky

Weighty Ghost – Welcome to the Night Sky

New Inheritors – New Inheritors

Born Ruffians – Red Yellow and Blue, Say It

These guys are just awesome.  Red Yellow and Blue was just one of those albums I could listen to over and over again.  It’s rockabilly, ska, and indie goodness all kinda wrapped together into something that’s sometimes mellow and sometimes high energy.  It’s fun, how could it not be, with song titles like badonkadonkey.

Hummingbird – Red Yellow and Blue

Badonkadonkey – Red Yellow and Blue

What to Say – Say It

Flatliners – Cavalcade, The Great Awake, Destroy to Create

Here’s some good old fashioned punk rock.  This band is AWESOME.  I wasn’t the hugest fan of the newest album Cavalcade, but the other two are amazing, especially The Great Awake.

Eulogy – The Great Awake

This Respirator – The Great Awake

The Peacocks – Made In Japan, Touch and Go, Come With Us

Some good old rockabilly punk from back in the day.  These guys are from Sweden or Switzerland and I only found them recently, actually when I was getting a tattoo in Japan and the shop had the Made in Japan album playing.  They are AMAZING!  There aren’t that many videos actually on youtube, so you’ll just have to trust me and get Made in Japan.

The Cool – Made in Japan

In  Any Case – Made in Japan

Band of Horses – Infinite Arms, Cease to Begin, Everything All The Time

Yes, I know that these guys are pretty main stream, but there are a lot of people that don’t know about them.  They’re like a mix between country and indie which works out pretty awesomely.  If you’re going to get any album, get Cease to Begin.

Is There a Ghost – Cease to Begin

Islands on the Coast – Cease to Begin

Northwest Apartment – Infinite Arms

Minus the Bear – Highly Refined Pirates, Menos El Oso, They Make Beer Commercials Like This

I actually have other, more recent albums by these guys, but they’re not as good as the older ones and that’s for sure.  But these guys are epic and not like…EPICALLY AWESOME, but I would define them as EPIC like coheed and cambria are epic…like slowly building climaxes to songs, making them EPIC.

Pachuca Sunrise – Menos El Oso

I lost all my money at the cockfights – Highly Refined Pirates – play this until the end, the last 45 seconds are a wicked breakdown!

Thanks for the Killer Game of Crisco Twister (yes, that’s an awesome name) – Highly Refined Pirates

Pinback – Pinback, Offcell, Nautical Antiques, Summer in Abaddon, Autumn of the Serapahs, Some Voices, Blue Screen Life

I’m just going to go ahead and say that every single album by these guys is amazing.  They have very chilled out tunes and I enjoy all of their albums and pretty much every single song they have.  Don’t even watch the videos, just download all their albums right now!

Good to Sea – Autumn of the Serapahs

Loro – Pinback

AFK – Summer in Abaddon

Penelope – Blue Screen Life

Dan le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip – Angles, Logic of Chance

Their newest album was…meh.  But their first album, Angles is phenomenal.  Scroobius Pip is a British poet and Dan le Sac is a dj, put them together and you get some pretty intelligent hip-hop if you ask me.  They also make wicked videos

Thou Shalt Always Kill – Angles

The Beat That My Heart Skipped – Angles

Letter From God to Man – Angles

Get Better – Logic of Chance

Knaan – Troubadour

Ya, I know, you probably know this guy.  Seeing as one of his songs was the World Cup official song this year.  But hey, he’s Canadian/Somalian, so I’m throwing it down.  It’s more intelligent hip-hop and that’s my deal.



Lupe Fiasco – Lasers

While I’m on the topic of artists you probably know, just go out and get this single.  This is one of the only albums that I have checked for at least once every 2 weeks for about the last year.  Everyone knows Lupe and he’s awesome and rumours had his “last” album, lasers coming out in March 2010…well, it’s January 2011 and it has finally been announced that the album is coming out in March.  He did release a mix tape recently and then after that, the first single from Lasers.  It’s awesome.

The Show Goes On

Boy Eats Drum Machine – Booomboxxx, Two Ghosts

This guy is a one man show.  If you watch some of his videos, he dj’s while singing along with playing drums.  It’s friggin insane.  At the very least watch the first video and watch this guy’s insane skills.  The audio isn’t as good as the album version of the song, but his skills are wicked.

Crack in the sea – Booomboxxx

Two Ghosts – Two Ghosts

3000 Flares – Booomboxxx

Hoop + Wire

A Wilhelm Scream – A Wilhelm Scream, Career Suicide, Ruiner, Mute Print, Benefits of Thinking Out Loud

More wicked punk rock goodness.  I have seen these guys in concert, and they are awesome.  The lyrics leave something to be desired, but that can be overlooked by the sheer splendour that is A Wilhem Scream.

Famous Friends and Fashion Drunks – Mute Print

Congratulations – Ruiner

Anchor End – Mute Print

Catharsis for Dummies – Benefits of Thinking Out Loud

Seeing as this was 8 pages in office, I’m gonna post it now and I’m gonna continue writing and posting youtube videos to it.  But that’s the end of part 1.  Enjoy!


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