Japanese Earthquake

So, a HUGE earthquake has just hit Japan.  Bigger than any I ever experiences and it hit just off the coast of where I used to live.  So, obviously people I know are all over facebook about it.  I retweeted some friend’s pictures and actually got an email from the associated free press about the pictures and potentially purchasing them.  I directed them to the owner of the pics, but that being said, I’m still going to post them here.  How crazy is this?

It’s things like this that really put the rest of life into perspective.  So far everyone I know in Fukushima and Miyagi is ok just a bit shaken.

Update from the BBCWorld Twitter:0929:The earthquake which hit Japan on Friday was the country’s biggest ever and the seventh largest on record, according to US Geological Survey data, the AFP reports.

0947: More from a news briefing in Tokyo by Japan’s meteorological agency. Spokesman Hirofumi Yokoyama said: “Historically, the magnitude scale was different, so simple comparison is not possible – but 8.8 is one of the largest we have experienced in Japan… It is the largest recorded by the equipment currently in place”. He added that 8.8 magnitude “is maximum, unprecedented scale looking through history”.



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