Fukushima-ken Update: 03/17 6:57am

‎6:57am 03/17 -Japan Time

5:57pm 03/16 EST

In anything you read, watch out for words like MAY, COULD, POTENTIALLY, BELIEVED. Just the facts people

Gas in fuku: South of Fukushima airport gas stations are open on the way to nasushiobara and in Tajima (minami-aizu) (as of… 24 hours ago). Basically, if you get out of the prefecture or into Tajima then you’ll find some.

Niigata: Niigata city has gas (small lines) and food. Water is a little short. Roads going that way are slow going. No petrol before Mikawa after that all gas stations open and no lines. You can use the expressway in Niigata Yasuda Entrance. No traffic allowed back to Aizu. People are beginning to leave there and so are my contacts, so staying there might be difficult. There is gas (20 liter limit), food, water.

Airlines: Many airlines have suspended flights to Japan while at Tokyo’s Haneda airport there are large crowds trying to get out of the capital.

Roads: are still all ok throughout the prefecture, slow going moving west.

Having issues with fuel ponds in Reactor 4. Police are using a water cannon normally used for riots to spray Reactor 4’s fuel ponds.
*Power line to cooling system is almost complete and testing will begin soon. *
There have been reports that some rods are exposed. Haven’t seen enough sources on it yet to full out believe it. But that info is floating around.

UPDATED: 8:03am (03/17) The IAEA has released information about the temperature of the water in the spent fuel storage pools inside reactors 4, 5 and 6 at Fukushima Daiichi. Spent fuel that has been removed from a nuclear reactor generates intense heat and the water is usually kept below 25C. The IAEA says that the temperature of the pool at reactor 4 was 84C on Tuesday morning. On Wednesday morning, it was 62.7C at reactor 5 and 60C at reactor 6. Current reports say the pools at both reactors 3 and 4 are boiling. Reactor 4’s pool may even be dry.  https://www.facebook.com/notes/international-atomic-energy-agency-iaea/japanese-earthquake-update-16-march-2200-utc/202327553130372

From March 16 3:30pm Update:
Radiation at front gate as of 10:55am (03/16/11) it was 2.9 milli siverts (equal to 2900 micro sivert), no harm to humans. 11am from NHK: Namie (NW of plant) radiation levels are below 200 micro siverts and that’s safe for humans.
Science ministry records 330 microsieverts of radiation 20km from Fukushima plant “More than normal but ask PM’s office about health effects”
Radiation at 330 microsieverts does not pose health risk. See graphic in this articlehttp://bit.ly/fgddjp

“Responding to a Nuclear Emergency” by Nuclear & Industrial Safety Agency of Japan http://www.nisa.meti.go.jp/english/files/en20110316-1.pdf

Wind directions: http://www.jma.go.jp/en/jikei/313.html

Buses: Buses are running from Iwaki to the Fuku Airport, and potentially Koriyama to Fukushima and Aizu. Aizu bus is running 4 a day to Niigata (http://bit.ly/hJcXyi). Niigata buses are also running to Kanto and Kansai…kansai for sure. Sendai bound bus to Tokyo will resume tomorrow.

Taxis: Running from Fukushima airport to Nasushiobara station. Will cost between 20,000 and 40,000 yen

Trains: Niigata trains and shinkansens running. South of Ishikawa in Nasushiobara the Tohoku Shinkansen is running.

Evacuation zone: still 20km from Power plants, but people within 30km have to stay indoors – Namie, Minami-souma, Iitate and Northwestern Iwaki are included in the 30km zone.
U.K has said Brits should consider leaving northern Japan and Tokyo. U.S wants citizens 80km away, just to be safe. The French are creating hysteria…fuck them.

Money: It’s been said that people will be able to take out cash without cards, passbooks or hankos. ATM’s working in Aizu.

From Kanako Saito in Fukushima city (6:29am 03/17)
We have been running out of water. It’ s in a huge tank @ school. some area people can use gas, water. People had bodies scanned for radiation, only people from evac zone had high levels but still safe. Still have food and water. Running water in some areas, but not all. No gas.

Water and Electricity in Motomiya area

Daily reasons to not believe the hype:
NRC are coming out saying a lot of things. Based on “very limited” information. Make sure you’re reading whole articles!
BBC 6am: Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) spokesman Naoki Tsunoda has said it is almost complete, and that engineers plan to test it “as soon as possible”, according to the Associated Press. Reviving the electric-powered pumps might allow the engineers to finally cool the overheated reactors and spent fuel storage ponds.

Steven Chu is taking the right approach. RT @Japan_reuters U.S. to deploy ground monitoring equipment in Japan: Chu http://reut.rs/dX2zwh

Chu: Japan crisis could end up more serious than 3Mile Island – http://bit.ly/elrlxZ #cnn “we don’t really know in detail what’s happening”

Links I’m using for info:
Live stream of NHK in English
BBC Live feed (don’t watch vid just use updates on the left)

AlJazeera Live Blog
International Atomic Energy Agency
Japan Science Media Center

Twitter – I’m @brentertainer – follow:
BBCWorld, BBCBreaking, DailyYomiuri, TomokoHosaka, norishikata, Reuters

Blackout Group Time Checker,

For a full list of TEPCO power outage Groups, visithttp://tinyurl.com/TEPCOPowerCuts

Everyone be safe.


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