Quick Updates 10:46am 03/17

Gas: Gas update in Fukushima. Heard this on FB so I don’t know how credible. Let me know if anyone can confirm.
“I heard 200 cars are waiting at Shell in Hobara to open at 11am – need to get a ticket. JA petrol stations in Kori, Kunimi, Date and Shirakawa also seem to be open but only up 1,000 yen worth”

Reactors:  2 Helicopters dropped 7.5 tonnes of water each on reactor 3. The reason Reactor 3 got the first shower is because of escaping smoke or steam, indicating water evaporating from the cooling pool, Reuters news agency.  That’s four loads of water dropped – NHK.  SDF helicopters have dumped water on reactors 3 and 4 at Fukushima No1 nuclear power plant. Daily Yomiuri
Eleven water cannon trucks are on their way to the plant – NHK.
The Daily Yomiuri – Govt: Electricity should be partially restored to Fukushima N-plant later today, but getting water in the spent fuel pool is top priority.

Measurements of radiation levels in Fukushima Prefecture (Japanese). http://bit.ly/fM3RRB

Daily Yomiuri – Links to people finders, streaming Japan news and more in multiple languages: http://tinyurl.com/QuakeLinks


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