Fukushima ken, random updates from last 6 hours 2:08pm

I am really sorry guys, I am just a zombie sitting in front of my computer at this point.  I know that’s no excuse compared to what you are all going through, but I’ll be of more use to you if I actually get a decent night’s sleep.  I promise to be back in the morning.  Here’s a managerie of things…sorry about the lack of cohesiveness…

Make sure you scrutinize everything you read and watch for words like MAY, POTENTIALLY, COULD, BELIEVED, etc.  Be safe and make decisions that make you feel comfortable and safe.

Gas: Gas update in Fukushima. Heard this on FB so I don’t know how credible. Let me know if anyone can confirm.
“I heard 200 cars are waiting at Shell in Hobara to open at 11am – need to get a ticket. JA petrol stations in Kori, Kunimi, Date and Shirakawa also seem to be open but only up 1,000 yen worth”  Apparently Mobile Mixi has a lot of updates…all in Japanese.  If you have access do it up.

Reactors:  2 Helicopters dropped 7.5 tonnes of water each on reactor 3. The reason Reactor 3 got the first shower is because of escaping smoke or steam, indicating water evaporating from the cooling pool, Reuters news agency.  That’s four loads of water dropped – NHK.  SDF helicopters have dumped water on reactors 3 and 4 at Fukushima No1 nuclear power plant. Daily Yomiuri
Eleven water cannon trucks are on their way to the plant – NHK.
The Daily Yomiuri – Govt: Electricity should be partially restored to Fukushima N-plant later today, but getting water in the spent fuel pool is top priority.

UPDATE: As much as I have disliked Reuters with their reporting, this is a pretty concise idea of what’s going on in reactors. With reports from both sides of the fence.
Reuters Japan
Q+A: Risks at each reactor of Japan’s stricken planhttp://reut.rs/dJny3Z

Measurements of radiation levels in Fukushima Prefecture (Japanese). http://bit.ly/fM3RRB

Radiation levels at Daiichi 4.13 millisievert per hour at an altitude of 1,000 feet, Kyodo reports.

(1pm 03/17)Pressure is rising again at Reactor 3, the power station operator says – Reuters. That reactor includes plutonium and uranium in its fuel mix.  The temperature of Reactor 5 is now a growing cause for concern, a Japanese official reports. “The level of water in the reactor is lowering and the pressure is rising,” he says.

BBC (2pm 03/17)Radiation level unchanged despite choppers dousing reactor – Kyodo, quoting Tepco.

Employees of Tepco, the power station’s operator, and other firms have volunteered to join efforts to control the escalating crisis at the power station, Japan’s Jiji news agency reports. One volunteer is a 59-year-old man with four decades of experience working at nuclear power stations, who is due to retire in six months.

See, Don’t Believe the hype!!!!
FLASH: Japan nuclear operator: As of Wednesday, spent-fuel pool at no.4 reactor still had water in it – Reuters…they earlier reported that all the water was gone.

The Daily Yomiuri
The SDF confirms there is now a large amount of water in the pool for spent nuclear fuel rods at reactor 4, enough so rods are “not visible”

The Daily Yomiuri
JR Bus Tohoku resumes express service from Tokyo to Sendai; Kokusai Kogyo to resume night buses between Tokyo and Morioka tonight. #jpquake

Awesome set of links all in one place – Daily Yomiuri
Links to people finders, streaming Japan news and more in multiple languages: http://tinyurl.com/QuakeLinks

Twitter feed of Japan’s PM

Most other info that I put up in my earlier post is still accurate.  Once again, I’m really sorry.  Below are links I’m using to keep in touch.

Links I’m using for info:
Live stream of NHK in English
BBC Live feed (don’t watch vid just use updates on the left)

AlJazeera Live Blog
International Atomic Energy Agency
Japan Science Media Center

Twitter – I’m @brentertainer – follow:
BBCWorld, BBCBreaking, DailyYomiuri, TomokoHosaka, norishikata, Reuters

Blackout Group Time Checker,

For a full list of TEPCO power outage Groups, visithttp://tinyurl.com/TEPCOPowerCuts

Continue to be awesome guys.


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