Notes from Edano’s Press Conference – 12:40pm 03/18

Notes from Edano’s press conference…from BBC and twitter

BBC: Edano said: “Relatively speaking, as a whole radiation measurement has not been serious enough as to have any health effect. Although some readings are high, these values are not the ones that pose direct human threat today. This all depends on other conditions; environmental monitoring will continue in order to conduct detailed analysis.


Mr. Edano: Temperature of Unit 5& 6 reactors is rising. The current situation doesn’t pose an imminent threat.

Noriyuki SHIKATA
– Yesterday, SDF and police attempted to cool down spent fuel pool of Unit 3 by using choppers and trucks. Spraying water will restart soon.
– Overall radiation level at Plant No.1 not too high, based on monitoring result. Near the west gate, this morning it was around 0.2mSv/h.
– Environmental Radioactivity Measurement Result (Fukushima Area) can be found at

The Daily Yomiuri
– Govt reports radiation levels declining: 1.1km from No3 reactor was 314microsievert at 7am yesterday, 270microsievert at 8am this morning.
– Govt says it isn’t sure if the declines in radiation levels were due to yesterday’s water spraying.
– Smoke continues come from reactor 3 at the Fukushima N-plant, and the govt hopes to have electricity back to the 1, 2 reactors today.

From a friend on FB – looks like the gas situation may improve soon. NHK is reporting that 50 fuel trucks are starting around-the-clock gas resupply via Niigata.

If you have time/Daily Reasons to not believe the hype:
– A note on perspective in the media Huffington Post vs. BBC.  Keep this in mind whenever you read anything.
– Nuk-O-Noia Could Be Worst Threat to Japan

– Reuters Top News – WHO finds Japan radiation spread localized, no immediate threat

Links I’m using for info:
Live stream of NHK in English
BBC Live feed (don’t watch vid just use updates on the left)
AlJazeera Live Blog
International Atomic Energy Agency

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TepcoDisaster (English translations of what’s going on), Japan_reuters, W7VOA,

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BBCWorld, BBCBreaking, DailyYomiuri, TomokoHosaka, norishikata, Reuters

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