Quick Updates for Fukushima – 5:04am JST 03/18

UPDATE: 5:15am JST 03/18 / 4:15pm EST 03/17
via BBC: Japanese broadcaster NHK reports that radiation levels have dropped at the Fukushima plant. http://www3.nhk.or.jp/daily/english/18_05.html

Reuters Japan (below is not correct, I posted an update above)
Japan nuclear situation reasonably stable: IAEA http://reut.rs/fu8BJz

5:04am JST 03/18 – 4:04pm EST 03/17

Latest: BBC Global News
Cable reaches Japan atomic site http://bbc.in/esecZS

From Earlier(in the last 4 hours):
From BBC: The substance of Mr Obama’s speech, then, was to play down any fears Americans might have about radiation. He emphasised the US itself was not in danger, and urged Americans in Japan to keep informed.

From TEPCO via BBC: There’s water in the pool!
Plant operator, said the pool at the no 4 reactor at Fukushima “seemed to have water” on Wednesday, based on aerial observations carried out by the military helicopters, AFP reports. Another TEPCO spokesman said: “We have not confirmed how much water was left inside but we have not had inf…ormation that spent fuel rods are exposed.”

From BBC: The US president has expressed confidence in the Japanese leadership’s estimation of the crisis. Barack Obama believes Japan is fully aware of the severity of the nuclear crisis it is facing, White House spokesman Jay Carney said, according to Reuters. http://bbc.in/eE9k7g

Japanese Pm’s spokesman @norishikata tells us the evacuation of citizens from Tokyo is an “excessive reaction” #wato http://bbc.in/gSB4fb (twitter)


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