Transport Information from Aizu International Association for Fukushima

Information just received from the Aizuwakamatsu International Association


JR Ban-etsu line and Tadami Line not in service

Tohoku shinkansen in operation between Tokyo and NasuShiobara (in Tochigi)

Aizu railways is open from Nishiwakamatsu – Tajima station

Yagan railways is not in service

Tobu railways has a temporary scheduled service to Asakusa in Tokyo


Route 49 is open from Niigata to koriyama

Route 4 is open (but there may be some road damage in places – drive carefully)

Route 294 (Wakamatsu – Shirakawa) to Route 4 is open

Route 289 (Wakamatsu-Shirakawa) to Route 4 is open

Banetsu expressway is closed to civilians (being used for emergency food and fuel trucks) from AizuWakamatsu to Tsugawa

Banetsu is open to civilians from Tsugawa to Niigata


Highway bus is available between Aizuwakamatsu and Koriyama

Buses are available between Aizuwakamatsu and Niigata (using regular roads until Tsugawa)

Buses are available between Aizuwakamatsu and Nozawa

There is also limited service (2 round trip rotations) between Shinjuku and Sendai and Shinjuku and Morioka

For evacuees and those hosting evacuees:

Radiation contamination examinations will occur at Aizu Dome today (south of the castle)

Those who have come to Aizuwakamatsu and not yet been screened are asked to wait at Aizu high school and Aoi high school.


The Aizuwakamatsu City Welfare Association (Shakai Fukushi Kyogikai) is accepting donations of futons, blankets, infant formula, toothbrushes and new underwear (yes that is specified!)

Please do not take items directly to evacuation centres but to the welfare association office at Ote-machi 5-32 or phone on (0242) 28-4030

Telephone consultation:

Fukushima Prefecture International Association Monday to Friday 9-4.30 0245-21-7183


Ed. Note – So, maybe the last post was a lie and i’m not going to bed….


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