Fukushima-ken info 03/19 9am

Some of the latest I’ve heard on road, gas, bus and train info.

Roads: Expressways are being used outside of Koriyama heading south. I did also hear that expressways are open for the purpose of evacuating, not sure about the other way or which ones that means specifically.

Gas: Lineups on Rt 4 in Koriyama waiting for gas stations to open. Also, heard gas stations will open in Aizu at 12. Hopefully this means it’s the same in Iwaki and Fukushima. I assume the 10L limit is still in place.

Bus: Highway buses running to Tokyo from Fukushima and Iwaki, hopefully that means Koriyama and Aizu as well. Aizu buses still running to Niigata. Bus is also running from Fukushima to Koriyama.

Train: Shinkansens from Niigata, Yamagata, Nasushiobara and Akita are running.

To everyone staying or leaving, do what you think is right and be safe.

And reactor stuff:
Daily Yomiuri
Wrap-up of yesterday’s firefighting operations at the Fukushima No 1 nuclear plant, plus nearby radiation levels. http://bit.ly/feN8R5


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