Fukushima Ken Update 03/20 2pm JST

03/20 – 2pm JST/12:53am EST

Fukushima-ken Update 03/20

Gas: seems to be getting into the prefecture.  Gas ups across from city hall in Fukushima and around Koriyama, lines are long, but more stations open there than in Aizu.  Gas in Aizu is out for the day.  Still no gas in Iwaki.  Check twitter with the hashtag fukushima_gs to find Japanese discussions of gas.  Or click here: http://twitter.com/#!/search/fukushima_gs

Roads: Expressways away from Iwaki and Koriyama are open and free, for those leaving.  West from Aizu towards Niigata, expressway from the yasuda entrance is open.  All other major roads (49, 115, 4 and 6) seem to be ok, but 6 is probably sketchy in areas.
Via FB: Cracks in the road around inawashiro have already been asphalted. Still feel the bumps though

– From BBC: Workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant say they are close to restoring electricity to the stricken facility. Meanwhile low levels of radioactive contamination have been detected in some food products from the Fukushima prefecture. Japanese authorities say they are considering a ban.
– Latest: We are following renewed concerns early Sunday PM about Reactor 3 at Fukushima-1. More details as we get them.
– The Daily Yomiuri – SDF began 1st water spraying at No4 reactor of Fukushima No1 N-plant this morning; plans to use 10 vehicles today, spray 80-90 tons of water
– Japan plant spent fuel pools down to almost normal levels http://reut.rs/eldnhV
– TEPCO: Water temperature in temporary storage pools for spent fuel rods at reactors 5 & 6 had dropped, as of 7am Sun., to 37.1C and 41C. (I do remember reading that pools are normally kept at 25C, right?)
– Japan gov’t says no need at this time to expand Fukushima evac zone.

Radiation:  As of yesterday, people in Aizu were checked for radiation and came back completely clean.
From Steve Herman (Twitter) – Kyodo: Officials say no health risk from iodine, cesium found in tap water in northern Ibaraki-ken

Winds:Light easterly winds forecast near Japan nuclear plant http://reut.rs/fzzmzY

Water: I have heard that running water has returned to most places in Fukushima and in Kenpoku/Kenchu/Kennan.  Haven’t heard much about the coast.

Help is coming!
The Daily Yomiuri
Relief items reach Sendai-Shiogama Port. Full story at http://bit.ly/hvJgJy

Links I’m using for info:
Kyodo News  ENGLISH
Live stream of NHK in English
BBC Live feed (don’t watch vid just use updates on the left)
AlJazeera Live Blog
International Atomic Energy Agency

Twitter: I’m @brentertainer
Follow: JPN_PMO, Japan_reuters, W7VOA,BBCWorld, BBCBreaking, DailyYomiuri, TomokoHosaka, norishikata, Reuters

Everyone be safe and make decisions that are right for you.



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