Fukushima Update 03/21 4am JST

03/21 4am JST –  03/20 3pm EST

Ok, here’s the latest on what I’ve found, maybe you guys saw some of this before you went to sleep, but it’s all sounding pretty good to me.

From U.S Ambassador – Helos delivered >16 tons to 15 different sites today, incl isolated areas & remote islands off the coast of Sendai for Japan.

Nuclear & Industrial Safety Agency now briefing foreign media in Tokyo.
– NISA: Seawater being pumped into Reactor 1.
– Line established to pump seawater into Reactor 2
– NISA’s Nishiyama: Power line established for Reactor 2.
– NISA: No need to vent gases now from Reactor 3 as water flow controlled
– NISA: Water being sprayed on site to cool Reactor 3 spent fuel pool.
– TEPCO: pressure levels inside Fukushima reactor Unit 3 containment stabilized, currently no need to release steam http://tinyurl.com/4vkpztd
– NISA: At Reactor 4, external water supply cooling spent fuel pool.
– NISA: Electrical cables installation partially started at Reactor 4.
– From IAEA and BBC – Two Japan reactors enter cold shutdown (5&6), IAEA reports: http://bit.ly/eAehAv
– Latest VOA Japan nuke crisis: http://is.gd/4DD0Zy

– From MEXT – Reading of environmental radioactivity level by prefecture (English version)http://www.mext.go.jp/english/radioactivity_level/detail/1303986.htm
– The Japanese government advises villagers in Fukushima prefecture not to drink tap water because of radioactive iodine – AP
– Update: Iodine three times normal detected in Iitate, near nuclear plant; Japan advises not drinking tap water – AP http://wapo.st/fRgiMS

NO RESTRICTIONS ON TRAVEL TO JAPAN by International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO). http://bit.ly/gHT6Dt

A Free Disaster Interpretation Line is available 24 hours/day for Japanese-English @ 050-5814-7230 http://www.bricks-corp.com/

Overview of Everything – Figures are a little bit grim, just giving you guys the stats.

Reuters Japan
Factbox: Japan disaster in figures http://reut.rs/hygcTO
Timeline: Japan’s unfolding nuclear crisis http://reut.rs/ewhVsi

BBC timeline of aftershocks.

Links I’m using for info:
Kyodo News  ENGLISH
Live stream of NHK in English
BBC Live feed (don’t watch vid just use updates on the left)
AlJazeera Live Blog
International Atomic Energy Agency

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