IAEA Reactor Update from 03/21 6am and Wall of Shame

Here’s a link to the full update on the reactors and radiation as of a few hours ago.  It’s everything you could want to know, with the latest updates in bold.


IAEA update on latest status at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan: http://j.mp/eAehAv

As well, here’s a link to the Journalist Wall of Shame surrounding the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear crisis.  There are a lot of entries.  This is exactly the reason I started doing this blog and these facebook updates.  Don’t believe the hype people.

And while all of this is starting to calm down, getting supplies in Fukushima is still difficult.  I was sent this picture about an hour ago, this is a line up for gas in Aizu-Wakamatsu.  Rich Estey said just as many cars were behind him, as there were in front of him.  The stop light you see in the distance is halfway to the gas station.

Things are starting to get better though and hopefully in a few days everything will start to go back to normal.  Obviously, it’s going to take a long time for everything in Japan to get sorted out and if you want to help, check my about page for links to charities you can donate too.  If you don’t like the groups I’ve put up, the Daily Yomiuri just tweeted this.

The Daily Yomiuri

List of reputable organizations accepting donations to help victims of#jpquake and tsunami. http://bit.ly/ht2qMl

Everyone be safe.



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