Quick Reactor Update and PM’s msg: 03/20 3:30pm

03/20 – 3:20pm Reactor Update and msg from P.M

Noriyuki SHIKATA
At Fukushima Plant I, power cables are connected at No. 1 and 2 reactors to reactivate the cooling system. http://tinyurl.com/5tvwv66
2,000 tons of water, exceeding pool’s capacity of 1,400 tons, was put into No. 3 reactor’s pool at Fukushima I.
Pools at reactors No. 5 and No. 6 cooled down = Kyodohttp://tinyurl.com/5tvwv66

PM’s Office of Japan
To people living in Tohoku and Kanto regions – There is no risk to human health, even if it rains. Please rest assured. Higher-than-normal levels of radiation could be detected in but it would contain only a small amount of radioactive substances which do not affect health at all.  The levels wouldn’t go beyond the average of natural radiation dose. If you are concerned, please follow these instructions.  1) Wait inside until the rain stops unless it is an emergency. 2) Make sure of covering up hair and skin as much as possible.  3)There is NP even if your clothes or skin is exposed to rain. If you are still concerned, wash it carefully with running water.  These are precautionary measures. Even if you don’t take these measures, it doesn’t impose any threat on your health.

Reuters Japan

Light winds, rain forecast near Japan nuclear planthttp://reut.rs/f71Mqr
Radiation Levels, all of the rates are μSv/h.
福島市 (Fukushima)  8.49
郡山市 (Koriyama)  2.39
白河市 (Shirakawa)  2.00
会津若松市 (Aizuwakamatsu) 0.38
南会津町 (MinamiAizu)  0.09
南相馬市 (Minamisoma)  2.42
いわき (Iwaki)  0.82
玉川 (Tamakawa)  0.61
飯舘村 (Tateiwa)  12.80
田村市船引 (Tamurafunehiki)  0.87
田村市常葉 (Tamuratokiwa)  0.88

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