Edano’s press conference 03/21 6pm JST

03/21 5am EST

Here are my rough notes, paraphrasing through the translator.

Edano – they are going to stop shipping some products from certain prefectures.  Spinach and spinach like vegetables (kakina) from ibaraki, tochigi, gunma, and fukushima.  Raw milk from Fukushima prefecture will not make it to market.  This does not mean that people who eat these items will become sick right away, these are only precautionary measures.

MEXT will continue to analyze data.

Iitate tap water tested yesterday and found to have higher than normal levels of radiation.  They are advising against drinking the water.  This is once again a precautionary measure.  If the tap water is consumed, there should be no issue for people’s health.  For non-drinking purposes the water is ok to use.  Radiation levels have been found to be going down.

Nuclear power plant, smoke coming out.  Monitoring shows, no great changes in the readings.  Tons of flammable objects inside, besides the reactor itself.  So far, no problem in terms of radiation increasing.

Smoke seems to be coming out of where the spent fuel storage pool (Reporter).  They don’t know if there is a link and radiation levels say that things are not taking a turn for the worse.

At 4:30pm JST Radiation levels at 2015 microsiverts around the plant.


It seemed that they were stressing that they were only telling people to stay away from milk, spinach, kakina and water from Iitate as a precaution only and that if people did consume them, they would be ok.

To all the fuku-peeps.  Aren’t you just feeling like we need a solid win at this point?  C’mon now.

Everyone be safe.



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