Fukushima Information Update: 03/23 11:20am JST

First, I’ve heard there’s running water in some places in Iwaki, just as a heads up.

Updates from Twitter:


Fuel pinch easing in #Kanto, parts of #Tohoku#jpquake #jishinhttp://bit.ly/ibsNWa

Power is back on at the No.3 reactor at the Fukushima nuclear plant. (From NHK, they’re going to test the electricity for this reactor today, they will continue to run tests in hopes of turning on electricity at all reactors as they are now all hooked up)

Readings of environmental radioactivity in all 47 prefectures available in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.http://bit.ly/ePhNlf

Water spraying on the #4 reactor of the Fukushima N-plant began at 10am today by the Tokyo FD’s Hyper Rescue Squad – TEPCO

How much radiation is too much radiation? http://bit.ly/gWxkxD (read this)

From IAEA: IAEA summary of efforts to restore power to the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan: http://j.mp/ec41Mh

Cabbages, broccoli added to list of 11 tainted vegetables http://bit.ly/eR5Mb7

And a nice graphic from the Yomiuri article on how much radiation is too much for you guys to check out.

Everyone stay safe.



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