Fukushima update – Reasons for not posting

Hey all,

Just wanted to apologize for my lack of posts yesterday and today. I
imposed a 24 hour internet ban on myself (twitter not included). I just
found that a minimum of 16 hours online everyday for over a week and a hlf
was starting to get to me. I realize that the stress I was feeling from
spending so much time online, was and is, in comparison to what other
people have endured, very minuscule and please don’t take this as my way
of whining or looking for a pat on the back.

I feel that most people in Fukushima-ken have sorted themselves out as far
as what they’re doing and have become vigilant when reading any and all
news sources. Currently, I’m at work where there is a filter on the
internet and because of that I’m not able to access, well, anything
online. I’m actually posting this from my Ipod over a wifi connection at
a nearby Starbucks.

This weekend I will be traveling to meet up with other Canadians who have
returned from Fukushima and there will be hugging…lots of hugging. So
my posts may be sporadic and not as in depth as before. The nuclear
situation is far from stable and I hope that all of you are able to stay
safe and on top of any breaking news that could impact you.

This disaster has made me proud to have been part of the Fukushima-ken
community, to have called Fukushima my home and even more proud to call a
lot of people there friends. Whether you stayed or left, I’m happy that I
was able to aid in your decisions about your own personal safety, if I did
at all, in my self-appointed role as note-taker. You guys are all amazing.

I also want to apologize to the people that in the very beginning I tried
to force to leave. The first 24 hours, not being there, I got wrapped up
in the CNN/Fox sensationalist style reporting and was scared for you guys.
To the people that stayed calm and positive throughout, thank you for
having that influence on me. I hope that my actions after the first 24
hours, have made up for my initial panicked response.

I will continue to spam my twitter feed with retweets of people I have
been following throughout this ordeal and most will contain links to
relevant information. It’s over on the right hand side of the page. Feel
free to check it out, or just search “Brentertainer twitter” and my
profile should pop up.

As always, everyone stay safe and make decisions that make you the most



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