Back – Fukushima Update and links I’m using refreshed

I’m back from the weekend in Toronto, the Fundraiser today was very, humbling, listening to people tell their stories and talk about what they’ve been through.   I also heard that JETAA Ottawa raised $10,000 today from ticket sales for their fundraiser alone, which is great to hear.  Here’s refresh of links and people I’m following for info.  I’m going to take a bit to catch up on the weekend’s events and obviously I’ve still been retweeting anything I’ve seen that I feel is decent.  My twitter feed is on the right of this page.


Quick update:  Trains are running in Aizu!!

UPDATE FROM FB: Shinkansen update: Service is expected to return to the Tohoku-shinkansen between Morioka and Ichinoseki around the 8th, followed by service between Nasushiobara and Fukushima mid-April, and finally with service between Fukushima and Morioka at the end of April. The Yamagata-shinkansen will be resuming service on the 31st.

From the NHK Press Conference (03/28 4:17pm JST) – Tokyo Institute of Technology Professor

Reactor 2: Containment Unit damaged, workers cannot lay cable to reactor 2 and work must cease around the reactor in order to protect workers.  Radioactive water around the reactor must be removed.

More discussion of the differences between Fukushima Daiichi and Chernobyl.  They believe there will not be a large scale dispersion of radiation into the area.  In order to avoid this, must stop a large scale fire and even if there is a fire, it will not be a large scale.  But if there is a fire, the smoke will release radiation.  Continuing the cooling operation is most important.

Links I’m using for info:

Fukushima International Association Information – Updated
Kyodo News  ENGLISH
Live stream of NHK in English – Updated
BBC Asia Pacific
AlJazeera Asia Pacific (search for their daily live blog too)
International Atomic Energy Agency

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