Notes from Edano’s NHK Conference 03/29 9:40am JST

Taken right from the Prime Minster of Japan’s Twitter feed and Facebook page.

1. Regarding plutonium detected at the  Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant

・The radioactive levels of plutonium detected from soil samples taken at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant are almost the same as those from the fallout detected in the background radiation (i.e. the levels of plutonium detected following past nuclear tests in the atmosphere).

・The plutonium in question was detected probably because the nuclear power plant was hit by the major earthquake and tsunami. We will continue to strengthen monitoring the levels of plutonium at the periphery of the plant.

2.Regarding highly radioactive water detected in  the reactor

・Nuclear Safety Commission and Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency are examining various options to pump out highly radioactive water that has been building up in the basement of the reactor’s turbine building.

・Injecting water is critically important to cool down the reactor and prevent the fuel rods inside the reactor from being exposed above water. It is necessary to strike a balance between removing highly radiated water leaking from the turbine building and injecting appropriate amount of water into the reactor to prevent the reactor from overheating.


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