Quakebook and Toronto Fundraiser links

First and foremost, here’s a link to an article about the Fundraiser I attended yesterday, run by Jason Ishida, a friend who still lives in Fukushima city.


Here’s a link to the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center – Japan Earthquake Relief Fund, which Jay’s fundraiser donated to.  I’ll be putting it on the about page with the others as well.

And here’s a link to Jay’s interview. Well handled.


2nd, more quakebook hype. This is really starting to pick up steam, but I’m just wondering where all the Canadian media is in all of this. Seeing that there are quite a few Canadians who have written for it.

I’m going to work to get this posted on a few tech blogs and potentially covered by a Canadian News Outlet. I think this book just underscores how social media can be used for all things, whether it be for information in a time of crisis or as something that brings people from all over together in order to contribute to a book.

Japan Times article:

BBC Article:


UPDATE: From the Wall Street Journal:

Also, you can sign up to pre-order the electronic or hard copy of the Quakebook, now titled 2:46 at the quakebook website http://quakebook.blogspot.com/ on the right hand side of the page. I still can’t believe that I’m going to be in this. I went back and read what I wrote again and wow, I’m scared. I hope the editors know what they’re doing. But I feel like that will be a good feel to the book, kind of rushed and unsure, just like this whole experience has been and still is.



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