Fukushima Tidbits 03/29 5pm JST

Just gonna toss this up here.

Iwaki via a facebook friend: I know some of you are wondering when to return. That, of course, must be a personal choice. I know that there is access to food and water in most areas of Iwaki, but precise details are impossible. It changes everyday, for the better.  7-11’s are starting to open up, grocery stores have been open.

No line for gas in Koriyama

JR TOHOKU Line will start going up to Motomiya. Check timetable on this website. (If you want to go as far as Nihonmatsu, I’ve heard there will be a bus leaving Koriyama, available starting April 1st).

Trains are now expected to be running between Koriyama and Fukushima City by early April. Fukushima to Sendai, however, will take a lot longer due to the severity in damages.

From the University of Oxford – It’s a really good read about radiation and the hazards as well as why it shouldn’t be blown out of proportion.

Viewpoint: We should stop running away from radiation



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