Fukushima Update: 03/31 12:03pm JST

Here are a few things I’ve come across in the last little while.  Some good, some bad.

A handy site that graphs Radiation levels, scroll down for Fukushima levels, or just look at the images below, click them to make them bigger.

There are quite a few graphs after that that show the different parts of the area.  Just go check it out, if your city isn’t listed above.

Radioactive iodine 4,385 times the legal limit was measured today in the sea near the Fukushima N-plant, compared to 3,355 times yesterday.

Reuters: NISA (Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency) says Japan gov’t must consider whether to expand nuclear evacuation zone. (no link to any article)
FLASH: Nuclear safety agency says IAEA did not officially request that Japan expand evacuation zone

A comment on the above from Steve Herman of Voice of America – I believe IAEA’s role is to suggest, not request: RT @Reuters: NISA says IAEA did not officially request Japan expand evacuation zone.

Updated – Steve Herman – More on the high radiation levels at Iitate, Fukushima-ken in this VOA report: http://is.gd/ITFafA

JR: Fukushima-Yamagata shinkansen (bullet train) running again for 1st x since 3/11.

Daily Yomiuri: The govt is planning to spray sticky resin on 80,000 square meters of contaminated debris at the Fukushima N-plant. bit.ly/gEU64E



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