48 hours without posting – Quakebook and News

Sorry for the lull in posts.  Real life is kind of getting in the way, along with working on Quakebook.  I’ve managed to round up contact details for just about every single JETAA (JET Alumni Association) group worldwide and I’m hoping that through JETAA, the word about Quakebook can be spread to local Japanese International Associations and then have it spread from there.  Kind on keeping with the Quakebook motif, spreading the word through contacts and social media.  If anyone is interested in checking out the press release, you can see it here.  The book should be available through Amazon in the next few days.  And even if you don’t have a kindle, you can download software to your PC, Mac, Blackberry, Android, Ipad or Iphone for free from right here.  If you have a blog, feel free to link to the Quakebook page, as I have on the right.  Just grab the image that I have from here and link it.  Continuing with the guerrilla marketing theme, they have created posters for people to put up around their neighbourhoods or at their local library.  You can grab those here.

Ok, enough about Quakebook.  Please don’t see my involvement in Quakebook as abandoning the issues going on in Fukushima.  If you check my Twitter feed (to the right), you’ll see that I’m still retweeting information that I think is relevant.  And if that’s not entertaining enough for you, check out what happens when you get a phone call from the media after 3 hours of sleep.  You say things like:

“It became very confusing, especially with the nuclear thing.”


“…you probably don’t know nuclear reactor Japanese.”

In the end, at least it got the word out.  I do have more to say about my short lived experience with the media, but I just don’t have time to throw it all down.  Have a look at the article.  Kanata man contributes to book on Japanese quake.

Alright, back soon with relevant things.


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