A bit of an update

Just came across this article via Steve Herman from Voice of America, an article from the  NYT.

U.S. Sees Array of New Threats at Japan’s Nuclear Plant

I’ve been skeptical of anything from the NRC, but the fact that this article says this…

The steps recommended by the nuclear commission include injecting nitrogen, an inert gas, into the containment structures in an attempt to purge them of hydrogen and oxygen, which could combine to produce explosions.

And then a recent tweet by the Daily Yomiuri said this

DailyYomiuri (11:30am 04/06 JST)

BREAKING NEWS: TEPCO to inject nitrogen gas into No. 1 reactor containment vessel tonight due to fear of explosion from hydrogen buildup.

All of this leads me to believe that all of this is legitimate.  Here is another choice quote from the article.

David A. Lochbaum, a nuclear engineer who worked on the kinds of General Electric reactors used in Japan and now directs the nuclear safety project at the Union of Concerned Scientists, said that the welter of problems revealed in the document at three separate reactors made a successful outcome even more uncertain.

“I thought they were, not out of the woods, but at least at the edge of the woods,” said Mr. Lochbaum, who was not involved in preparing the document. “This paints a very different picture, and suggests that things are a lot worse. They could still have more damage in a big way if some of these things don’t work out for them.”



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