Galileo helping out in Fukushima

Galileo Yuseco @classykool is another ALT that’s still in Fukushima and helping out as much as he can.   He’s been a big help to everyone there and has sent me quite a bit of information about this situation.  Good for you.

Here’s a translated article from the Fukushima Minyu Shinbun.


An Australian ALT stays in Fukushima for children.

Although U.S.A. and other many countries issued an evacuation advisory to people living within the area of an 80-kilometer radius of Fukushima nuclear power plant, Mr. Galileo Yuseco (24), ALT in Ishikawa-town who is from Australia, stays there and voluntarily supports evacuees. Ishikawa-town is in 80-kilometer radius of the power plant.

He often got advice from embassy to evacuate or not to drink water of the town since the nuclear power plant accident. He had thought to evacuate from Ishikawa-town for a while, but with some news he knew the area was safe, and he judged there was no need to escape.

Mr. Galileo Yuseco was eagerly cheering children up by his volunteer efforts, and he began to teach English to elementary and junior high school students in evacuation centers in the town. After his English classes he had a great time with children. He says, “I hope the children could get back to their normal life before long.”

From The Fukushima Minyu Shinbun (Fukushima local newspaper) 4/6/2011


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