As I said last weekend, I’ve made the trek home for this week and because of that I haven’t been posting as regularly as I’d like to.   There have been some big earthquakes in the last little while everything has remained calm, which is great.

JETs and foreigners in Fukushima have been doing some great work and my facebook feed is littered with groups from different cities, putting up pictures of what they’re doing to help.  As well, Quakebook has been doing very well on Amazon, which is also a great thing.  There’s a video below to promote it.

#quakebook featuring Scala & Kolacny Brothers and Kings of Leon from Quakebook on Vimeo.

You can read the making of the video here.

I hope that everyone in Japan knows that the rest of the world is very much behind this.  I think while everything was happening, I was very fixated on the media but once you get out into the world you find that Japan is staring you in the face.  On an hour drive to Guelph yesterday I saw 4 Japanese flags flying alongside the obligatory Canadian and American ones.  At the beer store I was asked if I’d like to donate to the Red Cross to support Japan and at the mall I bought a t-shirt to help the relief effort.

Any Canadians out there that want to be trendy check this out.  I’m proud of everyone in Fukushima and the people outside of it that are still working to help, even if it’s only through buying a t-shirt, every little bit helps.

I still haven’t been able to buy Quakebook because I want a solid amount of time to sit down and read it.  Please get a copy and tell me how my story is.  LOL.

Buy it now:


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