Messages for Japan – How to help without spending anything

This website was tweeted yesterday by Noriyuki Shikata and I figured I’d put it up here as I have had some comments about people not having money to donate to different causes.   Using the Messages for Japan website, you can write a message to the people of Japan and they will translate it into Japanese, using Google Translate.   There is a donation page that gives you access to quite a few different charities that you can donate to, if you do feel the need.  What’s cool about this whole website is the map page as it allows you to see all of the places people have sent messages from and what their message was.  At the time of writing there are 12,605 messages and even while viewing it, 2 more messages dropped into place on the map.  I hope that this catches on and if you’re someone that just can’t afford to help out, at least go ahead and write a message letting the people in Japan know you’re with them.  I know that there have been other ways through the internet to do this and don’t doubt what one messages of hope can do for the people in Japan.  Represent your area or city and write a message to know that there is at least one person everywhere thinking of Japan, even a month after the earthquake.


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