I Akabeko Fukushima

Just wanted to post this really quickly as I’m leaving to drive from Toronto to Ottawa in the next few minutes.  More friends have gone and created a way to raise money in Fukushima.  This time with t-shirt sales.

Here’s me wearing mine in the very last moments I spent in Fukushima city before leaving for Tokyo and then back to Canada.

The Akabeko is a prominent Fukushima symbol, coming from a legend about a red cow (aka beko) that appeared from a forest to assist in the building of Enzo temple in the Aizu-Wakamatsu area. At the end of construction the cow gave it’s spirit to Buddha.  Today you can buy Akabeko toys throughout Fukushima prefecture.  Another little tidbit for you, Fukushima or 福島 means prosperous or lucky (fuku – 福) island (shima – 島).  You learn something new everyday!

The proceeds will be donated to the Fukushima Disaster Countermeasures Office.  International orders will be 3000 yen.  I’m pretty sure Galileo is doing this all himself so please be patient as I know that there are a lot of people jumping at the chance to get these shirts.  Click the shirt images below to go to the facebook event or the fujet.net website with more info.

Link to FuJET.net page about t-shirts

Link to Facebook Event


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