Fukushima Update: Videos & News

A few days ago a video of inside the Fukushima Daiichi power plant was released.  It was taken by the robots that I posted about a few days ago.  What I found eerie about the whole video was that even though the radiation levels are so high, it looks relatively normal, aside from the destruction.

Next up, a National Geographic documentary made exclusively with footage shot by people that were actually there.  Cell phone cameras and personal videos make up this 45 minute documentary.  It’s pretty chilling.

Below are a few articles of interest in the last couple of days.

This is really sad to see, I hope the ALTs in Fukushima see this and make sure it isn’t happening in their own schools.  From the Daily Yomiuri: Fukushima refugees have had to deal with groundless rumors about them as radiation fears soar.

This is good to see.  From the Japan Times: Minamisoma mayor makes Time’s influential list.  Below is the video that got him there.

The Economist looks at the downside of the Japanese “Gaman” culture.  Silenced by Gaman.

The largest change in the situation recently has been that the 20km radius is now a no-go zone.  Here’s the article from the BBC on it.  The official notice from METI/NISA.  The New York Times covered residents return to the no-go zone so they could retrieve some of their things quickly in this article.

Another volunteering opportunity from JEN.
Call for Sludge Removal Volunteers!

VolunteerAKITA has been set up in order to make people aware of opportunities to volunteer and donate.  They have a few projects going on that people can donate too, as well as posts on how to volunteer.  Have a look at it if you’re interested in donating or volunteering.

This is more for families in Japan, but anyone who may know someone trying to get out of Japan for a little while should send them to this site.

The mission of the Aloha Initiative is to provide citizens of Japan who have been displaced by the recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis with a warm and welcome home and we need your help. “Aloha” means affection, love, peace, compassion and mercy, the feelings and emotions we want to convey to the people of Japan. Our goal is to assemble a community of people who are willing to open their hearts and the homes to some of the displaced in case they need our support.

Finally, a small Quakebook update.  News has been released today by OurManInAbiko: “Big #quakebook news is print edition is coming. Amazon has agreed to offer print on demand copies, taking no cut for production” costs 

As well, if you know people who aren’t quite sure how to get a hold of an ebook (read: not tech savvy), they can check out this video on how to do go about downloading a copy.


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