Radiation levels around Daiichi

TEPCO released a map giving the radiation levels around the Dai-ichi Power plant.  It was published in the Daily Yomiuri along with an article.

Here’s a section of the article below.  It seems like some pretty good news, levels have dropped drastically compared to a month ago.

“It’ll take more than six months to remove all the debris from the site. Data included in the survey map were taken into consideration when the timetable [for stabilizing the reactors] was compiled,” the spokesperson said.

Another map, compiled March 23, showed radiation levels around that time exceeded 100 millisieverts per hour in the air at five locations on the site–including around the Nos. 1 and 3 reactor buildings, which had been severely damaged by hydrogen explosions.

At those levels, it is believed a person would have been exposed to the annual maximum of radiation allowed for emergency workers in just one hour. Radiation at the plant has fallen since then, due to clearing up of contaminated debris and natural declines in substances’ radioactivity.

According to the latest map, radiation levels were not above 100 millisieverts per hour anywhere at the plant as of Saturday.

Even so, levels of more than 10 millisieverts per hour were detected in the air at more than 30 locations around the Nos. 1 to 4 reactors.

While this is good information, just 24 hours before The Japan Times posted an article that gave a different view and I think shows how quickly all of these readings can fluctuate.  Hot debris hampers reactor repairs; radiation map shows hazards lurking around every corner


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