Write for Tohoku

I came across this book about a week ago, but just haven’t had the time to put something up about it. Write For Tohoku is a project that is similar to Quakebook.

It seems like they went ahead and self published their own PDF file/eBook.  Here’s their about section reproduced below.

You Are Here: Writing for Tohoku is an ebook compiled by volunteer writers, editors, and designers who live in or have lived in Japan.  The idea for the book came about in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit northern Japan (Tohoku) on March 11, 2011.  All proceeds form the sale of the ebook will go to the Japanese Red Cross.

Though some of us were geographically closer to the disaster than others, all of us felt a sense of helplessness as we watched the destruction and strong compassion for the disaster survivors.  As news networks all over the world played footage of the devastation, we wanted to help overseas readers understand more about Japan beyond the disaster.

The ebook contains stories of Japan from over sixty writers, both Japanese and foreign.  We share our memories of adjusting to Japanese culture, experiencing the kindness of strangers, forming close friendships, discovering the country’s natural beauty, challenging ourselves through new experiences, and coming to feel at home in whatever corner of Japan we find ourselves.

We have two goals for this project: to raise funds for disaster relief, and to share with overseas readers the beauty and warmth of Japan.

Happy reading,

The Write For Tohoku Project

You can purchase the PDF file directly from their website using paypal by clicking here.  If you don’t speak Japanese and are a bit lost, click 日本語 in the top right and change it to English.  They also have a preview of the first chapter for you to check out, if you want to browse a bit before you buy.  100% of the money earned will go to the Japanese Red Cross.  Just another way to get something back for helping out the people of Tohoku.



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