NPO On The Road and Tohoku News


On April 28th, I saw a reference to the following video on Twitter.  For those that don’t read Japanese, the title translates to On the Road – Volunteer Living.

Even if you don’t understand a word of Japanese the images are enough for you to understand what it is that On the Road is doing in Tohoku.  Under the details of activities section of the website it states:

  • Helping to clear debris and mud from the houses, nursing homes, factories, and structures destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami
  • Preparing meals at evacuation centers
  • Organizing the warehouse and distributing relief goods sent from all over the country
  • Clearical work, jobs related to the operation of the volunteer village, and other tasks

They’re doing work in Ishinomaki and are based in Osaki, Miyagi.  The last update on their site was on April 15th, but if you’re still looking for a way to volunteer, maybe try to get in touch with them.

Another NPO that I found out about through Youtube and the Gaijin Relief Volunteers in Japan Facebookpage is All Hands Volunteers, who are working in Ofunato, Iwate.  All Hands Volunteers is described on their website as a not for profit organization that

…provides hands-on assistance to survivors of natural disasters around the world, with maximum impact and minimum bureaucracy. By supporting volunteers with housing, meals, tools, and organized work at no charge we are able to provide free and effective response services to communities in need.

They aren’t currently accepting volunteers for Project Tohoku, but their website is definitely something to check out in order to see that amount of work that is needed in different regions throughout Japan.


Along the Volunteering lines, from The Japan Times:  Too many volunteers to put up in Tohoku

Another article from The Japan TimesFukushima city removing schools’ topsoil

Some good news from The Daily Yomiuri: The entire Tohoku Shinkansen line from Tokyo to Aomori is running today for the first time since March 11.

Last, an image released by TEPCO from an underwater camera of a storage pool for spent nuclear-fuel at reactor 4 at the Fukushima plant.

Not sure what this means, but here it is.

And last, an article from the Japan Times that talks about psychiatrists aiding traumatized foreigners, the elderly and children.  The introduction of the article is reproduced below.
A group of psychiatrists who have been providing mental health support for foreign residents has set up an emergency committee to aid non-Japanese suffering from stress and trauma from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

“Those who are suffering the most are the elderly, children, the handicapped and foreigners. And foreigners are particularly prone to become isolated, suffer from a lack of information in their mother tongue, easily become confused by false rumors and suffer from growing anxiety,” said Fumitaka Noda, president of the Japanese Society of Transcultural Psychiatry and professor of psychiatry at Taisho University in Tokyo.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

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