To Japan With Love: Artists Fundraising for Japan in Toronto

Linda Nakanishi's Lotus Poster

There have been quite a few ways to help Japan and it seems that more and more ways to help spring up everyday.  For the artistically inclined in Toronto, To Japan With Love is an upcoming gallery show at which you can purchase artwork with all net proceeds going to the Canadian Red Cross.  The event has been set up by Linda Nakanishi who is a graphic designer in Toronto.  She is a featured artist in Quakebook as well.

The Quakebook cover artist James White has also offered his work for this show among other artists.  If you remember, I actually ordered Mr. White’s Help Japan poster a little while ago and I’m very pleased with it.  Art prints and postcards of the artwork featured on the website will be available for purchase.  The show will run from Tuesday May 3rd to Saturday May 7th at Function 13 Gallery at 156 Augusta Ave. (in Kensington Market)
Toronto. Function 13 Gallery is open from 11am to 7pm.   An opening night celebration will run on May 4th from 7pm to 10pm.  The entrance fee is whatever you want it to be with all money being donated directly to the Canadian Red Cross.  You can RSVP to the opening night at the Facebook event page that has been set up.

Most of the artists have their own websites for those not in the Toronto area who would like some to support Japan and get their hands on some of these beautiful pieces.  The National Post also ran a story about the event, in which Linda Nakanishi is definitely correct when she says, “What happened in Japan isn’t necessarily going to stop once the media stops reporting about it,” she is later quoted in the article saying, “People might need a bit more re-awareness, especially since there’ve been multiple earthquakes since then -aftershocks -and it’s still very scary.”

Check out the website and if you’re in the Toronto area, I’d definitely recommend checking it out.



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