Osama bin Laden Dead

A live feed of MSNBC is here, they’re saying the U.S has the body in it’s custody and U.S troops were responsible for killing him.  CNN said that 3 different sources had confirmed the story and that a military operation killed bin Laden in a house outside Islamabad, Pakistan.  A reporter from ABC is saying he was killed in a drone strike.  If you want to watch Obama’s statement, the link is here and he should begin shortly.

UPDATE (11:17 EST): Tweets from Steve Herman in chronological order. When I grow up, I want to be this guy.

Reuters now quoting US source saying OBL killed outside Islamabad (matching). CBS says he died in Afghanistan.  (Both wrong, oh Reuters)

ABC: Identification of OBL’s body confirmed by DNA testing.

AP quotes counterterrorism official saying OBL killed in ground operation last week in Pakistan “not by a Predator drone.”

CNN: Pakistani intelligence officers claim they were also involved in the op to kill OBL.

Reuters quotes source saying OBL killed by “U.S. personnel.”

Reuters: Source says US special forces led op that killed OBL.

How crazy is it that Obama is going to speak in just a few minutes and there are so many media groups vying to get the scoop before each other, someone’s going to be wrong here for sure.  What’s nice is the MSNBC feed I’m watching hasn’t said any of the above.  They just did a report saying that there is quite a bit of controversy and that the drone strike has been waved off.

Update 2 (11:41 EST):  Obama confirms Osama bin Laden’s death in his speech.  Osama bin Laden killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan in a firefight with US forces.  Obama also said that he authorized the operation to kill bin Laden last week.

Update 3 (10:39am): Last update, here’s the full text of Obama’s speech.

Sidebar: When’s the best time to put out my last post on Twitter about the Canadian Elections?? Oh, 2 minutes before it’s reported that Osama Bin Laden is dead.


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