Orange wave hasn’t washed over Kanata

An Orange wave has swept over Canada and the last poll I read had the NDP only a few points behind the Conservative party.  The Conservative smear campaign of the Liberal Party is most likely at fault for this rise in NDP voters.  While I do think that voting NDP would be a good thing, if my candidate,  Erin Peters doesn’t even show up to all-candidate debates, why should I vote for her?  An article that highlights her low profile, actually just discusses another NDP candidate’s low profile and, well, Peters’ name is mentioned.  I guess any publicity is good publicity?  Could the reporter not even reach her for comment?  Erin Peters, spent the last year abroad and graduated from Carleton.  She currently works as a Social worker.  That’s about all I know.  I’m pretty sure I could have been the local NDP candidate.  I spent 4 years abroad, I’m currently involved in blogging and sitting on the couch in sweats.  I would have showed up to a debate at the very least.

UPDATE: Found this article from the EMC about Peters, by Phil Ambroziak, who also wrote the EMC’s article on me.  There aren’t any direct from her, just statements from her team.  The most telling quote, “In spite of several attempts made by the EMC, Peters could not be reached for comment by deadline.”

Karen McCrimmon, the local Liberal candidate, seems like a pretty good bet.  Clearly this article from the Examiner is a bit biased, but I feel like it’s a fair assessment and gives a pretty good background of Karen.  Following is a quote from the end of the article.

I have recently discussed my firm belief that voters need to think locally rather than only of Party leaders when they decide where to cast their vote. In this riding there is a clear choice between an incumbent who has abdicated his responsibility to his constituents, and an accomplished alternative who wants only to improve the lives of all of her neighbours.

At this point, I’m voting strategically and I’m voting for a candidate that I believe will make a difference locally.  I wrote yesterday that I was hoping to find a party that reflects my views and to figure out which party has the best chance to oust the local Conservative incumbent.  After having a bit of a look, it became very clear that Karen McCrimmon is most definitely the best candidate to satisfy both of my needs in this election.  Get out and vote today everyone.

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