Voters being directed to non-existent polling stations

Only a few hours left to vote in Ontario but just for people out west.  Definitely be aware of the following.

From the Globe and Mail – Messages provide false polling station info

Bogus phone messages that mislead voters about their polling stations have caused widespread disruptions in at least two provinces: Ontario and B.C.

The automated messages claim to be from Elections Canada. They advise residents in both official languages that their polling station has been changed due to an unexpectedly heavy voter turnout.

Article continued in the link above.

Definitely be aware of this and share the article on social  networks so that people are aware.  Whoever is responsible should definitely face some kind of penalty and if there is a candidate or party involved, they should be severely punished and possibly disqualified.  According to United Canada (a website I am not completely trustworthy of) and it’s section on Offences relating to elections and campaigns, I figure it’s a level 3.

a) Obstruction/prevention of voters ability to vote at a state/regional voting station, without violence;
b) Deliberate alteration of state/regional voting papers;


Image via Test Canada


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