Harper’s Conservatives gain majority: first impressions

Here are just a few quick thoughts, before I head to bed.  I’ll be posting my take tomorrow on all that’s gone on in the 41st Canadian election today.  First, great gain for Jack Layton and the NDP.  From 37 to around 103 seats(still hasn’t been confirmed).  Also, Elizabeth May of the Green Party won the first seat for that party ever and the Bloc Quebecois lost almost all of it’s seats, both good things in my eyes.  The Liberal party was destroyed.  And finally, the Conservatives will form a majority government and I’m not very happy about that.

Image via http://scathinglywrongrightwingnutz.blogspot.com

Along with the image, here are a few choice quotes from Twitter that convey my thoughts.

“Today we proved that Canadians want change in politics.” – May. “The fuck you did.” – Everyone else.
Hate seniors? Peace? The environment? Arts? Truth? Democracy? The working class? Accountability? Rejoice.
@brentertainer I mean, you really thought Canada would have learned something watching what’s happening in America..
I will try to remember my country fondly, as it sinks beneath the weight of stealth fighters and super-prisons.
Obviously I moved back from japan too soon
What I write tomorrow can be summarized by the following tweet from the Canadian Press.
The rise in NDP fortunes contributed to vote splits favouring the Tories, especially in Ontario where the Liberals were decimated.
That’s all for now.

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