The value of the JET programme to Japan

Earlier tonight I was bouncing around as I do from time to time and came across this post that features a blog post from the Center for Public Diplomacy by a former JET and current professor of Journalism at Indiana University, Emily Metzgar.  It’s a good little read on the true value of the JET programme and what current and former JETs have done in the wake of the disaster.  Even a little Quakebook mention in there.  The link to the actual post titled, This is what public diplomacy looks like is here.  Following is a small excerpt.

But in the aftermath of Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, the value of having a large, worldwide network of college-educated foreigners who understand, respect and appreciate Japanese society and culture continues to emerge. A look at a JET alumni networking website,, provides ample evidence of the many ways in which current and former JETs are responding in whatever ways they can to the disaster hitting a country that all of them, at one time or another, have called home.

Having friends in Japan who are not JETs, I know they’re just as valuable.  So, when you do read the article, keep in mind that there are those not in the JET programme who have done the same if not more.  I like to think that anyone who’s ever lived there would do what I know so many have.  That being said, it’s a nice little bump for the JET programme when there’s talk of it struggling to stay afloat.

Check it out, this blog was re-purposed for JETAA Ottawa


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