Policy Mic.com and JETAA Ottawa

It’s been more than a week since I’ve posted here, so I figured I should probably write something giving a small update on what I’ve been doing.

About a month ago I was contacted by PolicyMic.com editors and asked if I would be interested in writing for them.  Obviously, I was and have since written 2 articles, with more in the works.  Both were kind of re-purposed blogs, so, if you look at them and you’ve read my previous posts, they may seem similar, but hey, I was just trying to get it done.  They’re probably a bit better too, seeing as there are legitimate editors reviewing the articles.  I really like how they’ve set up this site.  It’s like a public forum meets a news page.  News is created by users who know about their subjects and then debated and debate is encouraged.

Here’s a youtube video explaining how the site works.

My articles are below.
#311: Social Media’s role in Japan’s Disaster
#Crimesolving: A New Use for Social Media

You would think that was it, but wait, there’s more!  I have been taking part in JETAA (JET Alumni Association) Ottawa meetings, randomly injecting my ridiculousness into the lives of the JETAA executive.  They’re nice enough to put up with me and pat me on the head when I blurt out an idea that is stupid as hell.  So nice actually, that they recently made me the Social Media Coordinator.  MMM, do I love me some Facebook or what!

Go and like us and check out what I can get away with posting in the name of an organization that is linked to the Japanese Embassy here in Ottawa.  I’ve also written two articles for the JETAA site, again based on past blogs.

…to help Japan
The Value of the JET Programme to Japan

And that’s not all!  Seeing as I’m moving up in the world (read: doing a lot of writing for free) I created my own professional website.  Check out www.brentstirling.com to bask in the glow of my professionalism.


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