A brief Movember/Fukushimo Update

Well, our team is almost at $800 by mid month, but for some reason everything has slowed down quite a bit in the last little while.  Here’s hoping that some of the horribly bad photoshopping I’ve been doing over the last little while creates a spark of some sort.  If you’re wondering what why November and Fukushima have been spelled incorrectly in the title.  I refer you to my previous blog.  For those in the know, click to behold my photoshopping skillz.

And on the 7th day, he created the left handed check mark

Continuing on, here are a few random pics as my beard fights the best it can to reclaim it’s rightful spot on my face.

November 11th, my beard trying to take over again.

November 13, the checkmarks are abandoned for the more classic handlebar

Now here we sit at day 14, and with that, 2 photoshopping Mo-sterpieces if I do say so mo-self. (too much?)

Oh, who's that handsome lady? It's the Stevolution!

And finally…what’s Movember without a little western dirt.

So, if you found any of these amusing or ridiculous, I ask that you donate to myself or my team for this worthy cause that benefits Prostate Cancer Canada.  Donate to Fukushimo HERE.   If you’re not comfortable donating to a Canadian charity, Movember runs through multiple countries.  Go to Movember.com and make a donation.  It will figure out where you are and give the money to your country’s Prostate Cancer Society.  Like I said before, for a full run down of what all this is, refer to my previous blog, Fukushima + Movember = Fukushimo.


Update: had to add this by Steve, it is epic and he has truly upped the bar.

and my response, all in the name of charity kids.



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