MOtoshop War for #Movember

What started out as an innocent little bit of photoshop work to promote my Movember Team Fukushimo, a play on Fukushima, Japan, as the team is made up of current and former residents with a few others sprinkled in, has turned into a game of “Which barely literate idiot can click enough filters on photoshop to best the other.”  It has been a decent bit of entertainment or dare I say, Brentertainment over the last couple days for the masses on facebook and twitter, and by masses, I mean, me, my mother and probably Steve, my worthy advesary.  My last Movember update featured a few of these pics, but I’m going to use this post to update all of them as I’m sure there will be a few more added throughout the month, so feel free to check back later for more.

If you’re feeling generous, head to my Movember Page and donate to me, my team or any other team really and if you want to see what our merry band of Mo Misfits looks like, here are all of our social media hubs of glory.

Now to the MOtoshop! Obviously in chronological order.

It all started so innocently, look at Steve’s face, he just looks like he should be the girl in this right??  I on the other hand, well, look at my rippling abs!

Done by Brent

That little ditty, was followed by 2 pictures from Steve…

Damn you Steve and your American origins! Desecrating the epic Captain Canuck that every Canadian loves and adores!

MOvengers - Artist: Steven...and you know, whoever made most of the graphic....note Captain America's belt buckle

My response…

oh ya, this is some grade A quality MOtoshop work.

Steve was quick to respond with this beaut.

Epic volley Steve

Feeling the need to up my game having been portrayed as only a small “red-shirt” like soldier to Steve’s Mobocop, I have followed with this.

Still can't decide if I should have gone with The Rise of The MO, brah!

Steve’s return…

For more information about Fukushimo and what we are refer to my Fukushima + Movember = Fukushimo post.  If you’re on another team, feel free to do some MOtoshopping of your own and share on twitter, facebook, etc, I feel like this could be like, a thing…that is not just my thing, but lots of people’s things.  Yes, I read that sentence back to myself and still left it like that!  If you’re in the Ottawa area, I look forward to seeing you at the Gala at the end of the month!

Let’s kick Prostate Cancer’s ass!

Here is our Team Page – Fukushimo Team (or donate here) (*note, if you are going to donate to the team, please spread it across all members, so we all feel the love)

Steve has offered up his own take on this…Modern Art is FanTACHEtic


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