Movember vs The Ever Important Job

[I wrote a waffling/attempt to draw you in type intro, but if you’re looking for the rant, scroll down, just past the pretty pictures, yes that’s me in my boxers snowboarding]

My Movember team this year as of November 1st consisted of 2 members. We’re currently up to 5 and I assume that will MO in days to come…but….

This year, I am partaking in my 3rd year as a member of FukushiMO. The idea of FukushiMO started back before it became a Facebook page I could link you to. It was started by Peter Gillam, an Australian (where Movember began) giving a speech at a Fukushima Board of Education Assistant Language Teachers’ Annual Meeting (it’s called something else, but I’m drunk so forgive me). He gave a speech that talked about how growing a mustache in our home countries was done to raise awareness and money for Men’s health everywhere. Even that year I didn’t participate, being an ex-pat for so many years prior, you’re out of the loop when it comes to this stuff, and I didn’t know.

But this is all background noise. After Gillam’s speech, we all kind of jumped on it and FukushiMO has been going strong. It’s something that, after all of us have come and gone from Fukushima Prefecture, we still take part in. A way to re-connect with people you saw everyday in a past life, that rarely comes up in your current day to day. Through the storied MOtoshop wars and social media connections. Epic examples below!



With that all being said, this year, has been different than others. While most of the core group has moved on and moved out of Japan, and back to the rat race of their western culture jobs, our participation rate has dropped. Largely, this year, because of the ever-overbearing employer.

[Begin Rant]

Here’s my thing gentlemen, if your employer or a potential client can’t get behind an international movement that benefits Men’s Health and Prostate Cancer research, should you really fucking be working there? Ya, the paycheck is great and all that shit, but seriously? You can’t look a client in the face, say, “Ya, it’s Movember, sorry about that,” and move on? You really need to question where you’re at in life if, in 2007, 2008, 2009 and beyond we rode down a hill in our boxers, in Japan, as teachers of their youth! But now you can’t grow a fucking moustache “because of the job.”


Here’s a picture of me in my boxers, snowboarding, because, I don’t want to put a picture of the rest of you, and get you fired. I have them though!

This goes for everyone else out there, if you’re in a job where a mustache would compromise your ability to do, or to retain said job, you should think twice. Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?

I’ve heard every excuse in the book thus far. “I’m looking for a job.” “I’m new at my job.” “I’m afraid that John in accounting will judge me!”

Fuck John! And fuck all that other shit, you’re a grown man. John probably wishes he could grow a sweet ‘stache, but instead he just puts his head down, shaves his face daily and moves on hoping for that pension. Jesus, what a terrible life John leads.

I’m obviously a little bit biased, as I am my own employer (shameless plug, who really wants to hire me after reading this blog? I don’t know?) but even my brother, a high ranking employee of a large engineering firm puts together a huge Movember Team each year, supported by that company, and they crush what FukushiMO makes based on their “larger than ex-pat working in the western world” salaries. So, really, if you’re playing the corporate game, you don’t have an excuse.

In conclusion, (yes, I’m drunk enough that I will use “In conclusion” to finish my rant like I’m in the 5th grade) there is no reason to not participate in Movember. I don’t care if you’ve moved on in life to another team of people you see on a daily basis, but I do care if because of your job you deem something like growing a mustache beyond your reach (facial hair growth ability aside).

In most cases none of you have been told to not grow one, it’s out of fear of the boss-man/woman’s repercussions that you don’t. And while I’ve said to question your standing at said job, I would suggest that you ask your boss about starting a team. Most likely she/he’ll be on board, and if he/she’s not, fuck them!

Movember, do it!

Fuck whoever else stands in your way. Or just donate to us in the links below, because you’re afraid.

[End Rant]

Fukushimo 2013 GTA

Donate to me:

Donate to my team:
(Please spread team donations amongst all members. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside.)


One thought on “Movember vs The Ever Important Job

  1. I wanted to post this on your blog but I can’t remember my wordpress password, haha…So here goes:

    I totally agree. Work stuff shouldn’t ever hold you back from pushing a great cause such as men’s health and awareness about prostate cancer, but not all employers are as open-minded as we are. When you wanna get something that you really want, sacrifices sometimes need to be made. Hopefully, now that I’ve gotten this job, I’ll be able to push my new co-workers, who all seem pretty cool mind you, to join the movember charge next year. You know, once they get to know me better. Which means instead of just my single unemployed ass growing a moustache, there can be many moustaches and even more awareness the following year.

    So, again, I totally get where you’re coming from. But, sadly, this is the reality of things. At least for those of us not as fortunate to be our own bosses.

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