Google+ round up

funny facebook fails - Do You Really Need Another Reason?

Google+ has been taking social media by storm and I read just the other day that they already have 10 million users. I’ve seen quite a few interesting things about Google+ over at Failbook, a website I’ve posted about before. I saved some of the things I’ve come across recently and I just wanted to share them. First and foremost, a Google+ cheat sheet for those of you out there that are still figuring out what is going on. And if you’re not on google+ yet, what are you doing?

Google + Cheat Sheet

Source: Simon Laustsen

And now for some fun!

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May the 4th be with you: Dr. Suess does Star Wars

It’s May the 4th.  So it’s only fair that I put something Star Wars related up.  From the blog of Adam Watson The Mighty Adam here are a few images images Dr. Suess style.

The fourth is indeed strong in this one.  There are a few more on his blog and he says he has a few more in the works.