Must Have Snowboarding Tracks

You always want a wicked mix to snowboard to. Everyone wants to rock down the hill to the latest Kanye or Jay-Z track. As I’m headed out to the hills of Ontario tomorrow (yes, hills, not mountains, yawn) for the first time in my adult and “decent ability at navigating down a mountain or hill” based life; I figured I’d share the music that has stuck with me since the beginning and ending of epic mountains for me in Fukushima. These are those quintessential tracks that get it done. My playlists in the past have included everything from Me and Mrs Jones and Green Onions to System of a Down’s BYOBImmortal Technique’s Peruvian Cocaine, and Freaky Flow’s Let Me Know. So, hopefully it’s a well rounded group that I present below.

1) Gearing up – Cake – Comfort Eagle/Arco Arena

These are the ultimate songs to gear up to. You’re sorting out your board, throwing on the gear you didn’t wear on the drive to the hill. These are the songs you prep to. Not too hardcore, but they say, I’m getting in the zone and “I’m in it to win it” if that’s actually something you say in your head.

2) Get Going – Mark Morrison – Return of the Mack / House of Pain – Shamrocks & Shenanigans

You hit the top of the hill, and are going to rock a warm up run. You’re pumped to be there and want to smash out, but not too hard, because that could get embarrassing if you push too hard on your first run. Boom, these tracks.

3) Pumped UP – Rage Against the Machine – No Shelter / 2pac featuring Big Pun – I’m a Rider / Kasabian – Club Foot

Yes these are old school, but they get the job done for the “I’m about to crush the park out type rider.”

4) Just riding, chilled out. Tellsion – Gallery (anything by these guys) / Minus the Bear – I lost all my money at the cockfights / Pinback – Prog (anything by Pinback really).

Going for some flatland tricks, waiting for friends because they’re slow? These ones.

5) Random others

I could include about a thousand other songs that I feel are essential to any snowboarding list at this point, but hey, here are just a few others that didn’t fit into the categories above, but are awesome none the less.

Kings of Leon – Sex On Fire

Cast of Cheers – Human Elevator (anything by the guys)

Nada Surf – Blankest Year

Maps & Atlases – Artichokes


In an effort to not overload anyone’s browser I’m going to cut this, but be aware, I could go on.

Happy Boarding.


When No Diggity Escapes

MMMMM, I love me some mash-ups, especially when they consist of R&B from the 90s and modern indie rock.  So, with that, I present, When No Diggity Escapes from YouTube user madden4343.  A mash-up of No Diggity by Blackstreet and When We Escape, an instrumental, by Minus the Bear.  Minus the Bear actually posted this up on their Facebook page, which I think is pretty cool, seeing as at the time of writing the video only has 300 views.

You like?? I like!


Really quickly, I’ve been listening to this band for the last 3 hours straight…I have no clue how I came across them, but they’re awesome and indie….also, as I’m searching for the video that I want to post here, I’ve come across a bunch of music from albums other than that one I possess and it is AWESOME.

[UPDATE: k, apparently my youtube links aren’t working for 2 of the songs, so, I’m going to make the song titles links and hopefully they take you to the correct youtube page for the song.]

Spoon – Kill The Moonlight (I have this album)

The way we get by from Kill The Moonlight

You Got Yr Cherry Bomb

A song I found – I turn my camera on


Music I have that you should have too…(part 1)

…but I knew about it first because I am far more of an indie hipster than you are.

Long title, I know.  After having a discussion with one friend in particular we both decided that at some point we should both sit down and share the music that we have, that we feel the other doesn’t know about.  Now I know that I have the time to do this, I also know that there’s no way in hell he’ll do it.  I doubt he’ll even end up getting through this list, but I’m just going to throw it up here anyway.  Each band will hopefully get a youtube link under it so that their music may be sampled before it is acquired.  This is not going to be in any particular order and genres are going to be all over the place.  Keep in mind that I’ll probably put the best song up here, so, the whole album may not be amazing, but whatevs.  DEAL WITH IT!!!

Obviously I have probably put up a few of these things before, but, once again…DEAL WITH IT!  K, here we go, enjoy Steve.

Because of the massive amount of youtube video links I put on here and some slow load speeds I’ve heard about, I’m going to cut this here and you can click the read more button if you’re looking to listen to some groovy tunes.

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