XBox One vs PS4

Dear friends, family, countrymen and everyone else,

PS4 vs Xbox One composite

Do not buy into the hype. That is the best bit of advice I can give you. Can we not all finally band together and buy a system as one cohesive unit? I have made the responsible choice to wait until well after Christmas to make my decision on which system is the best and I would urge you to do the same.  There are horror stories, the red ring of death, the lack of the PS Slim, everyone wants something better and we’re older now.

Gone are the days of getting the newest system. Instead we’re faced with a decision that will put us on one side of the fence or the other for then next 8 to 10 years. Do you really want to sit across the table from your best friend and judge him/her silently because he/she bought a PS4 and you got an XBOX One? Do you want to play GTA 6 online, in the dark with a bunch of strangers and 12 year olds telling you to “Go Fuck Yourself!” Probably not.

What I’m trying to say here is, hey, let’s be friends, in the gaming world. I know I’ll never bring most of you hardcore gamers over to the world of Steam and online gaming, which is not only cheaper, but better (but I digress). So because of that, I’m asking for a consensus on the new gaming systems.

Neither have backwards compatibility, so your old games are dead. Neither are going to have free online access, so all you PS3 assholes can fuck off and let’s face it, the XBox Controller is better anyway.  (yes, that is an open invitation to bring it, feel free to look at the Ouya Controller as a tip of the hat to XBox).

All I’m saying is, let’s talk about this, as a group and decide which system is best for us, best for our brother-in-law and best for his child to grow up with. Let’s make a concerted group effort to never have to say “oooo, you have XBOX ONE, tough shit friend, we all roll PS4, go suck some HALO dick!” or vice versa.

I will update this blog on thoughts that I have regarding each system, after I’ve decided on one or the other, but until then, let’s all be friends and I really hope we can all decide on a system together.